Welcome to ciderworkshop.com, the web resource for the award winning Cider Workshop Google group - the friendly community of heritage cider & perry makers and enthusiasts.

Anyone can join the Cider Workshop discussion group and ask questions or simply discuss real/craft/traditional cider and perry (or as some of us prefer, heritage cider and perry.) The cider workshop.com web resource is an easy reference for all cider lovers and as a storage space of ideas and expertise for the group.

The group discuss all aspects of growing, making and consuming cider (and Perry, Calvados, Pommeau etc.) from orchard to glass. This includes stuff as varied as travel, poetry, legal aspects, history and story telling, as well as methods, equipment and reviews. See the Cider Workshop mission statement below.

Cider making is a broad church, and comes with many different practices and opinions. Although the Cider Workshop is primarily a UK cider and perry group, there are a number of members from the USA, as well as Europe and Australia. So, if cider and perry are of interest to you please join us in the discussion group. And if you have any ideas that would be good to capture in the website, please do let us know!

The Cider Workshop - a safe place for intoxicating debate!


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