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The Cider Workshop was founded through a vision for the promotion and discussion about anything real cider and perry, and a desire to see this conducted in an equitable environment. This idea, and the principles behind it, were debated between ten individuals - what you see before you is the result of that three week discussion.

However the Cider Workshop and would not be worth anything if it were not for the members. This is why such emphasis has been placed on securing as fair and open a group as possible. It really should be a safe place for intoxicating discussion...

These pages are available as a reference point for existing members and as a grounding for any new members to the Cider Workshop Google group. The information here is also found on the Group 'files' and 'pages', although it may be easier to access the information here.

In addition, new updates for the can be seen at our Friendfeed site.

Members resources