The Cider Workshop Bookstore

During many discussions on the Workshop, books are recommended as a source of information. Often these are then hard to find in the numerous faceless bookstore chains etc. So, to help out we have developed our own cider/perry related bookstore.

To help give value to members all over the world, we have linked up with The Book Depository. This seems to be an excellent resource to link to - postage is free to many countries which means that titles are (hopefully) universal to all Cider Workshop members.

Where titles are unavailable through The Book Depository, there may be a link to 'Abe Books' who have numerous second hand and out of print books or else a link to the most reliable source of a title. However, do bear in mind that these alternative links may have additional postage costs.


Cider/Perry Making & Drinking

Craft Cider Making by Andrew Lea
Making Craft Cider by Simon McKie
Naked Guide to Cider
Andrew Lea
Simon McKie
James Russell
CIder: Making, Using and Enjoying Sweet and Hard Cider
Real Cider Making on a Small Scale
Cider, the CAMRA Guide

Cider: Making, Using & Enjoying Sweet & Hard Cider

Real Cider Making on a Small Scale

A Proulx, L Nichols
M Pooley, J Lomax
Ciderland by James Crowden
Cider, The Forgotten Miracle
The History and Virtue of Cyder
James Crowden
James Crowden
R C French
Cider, Hard and Sweet
Ben Watson