Some members of the Cider Workshop maintain blogs recording their experiences of making, selling and campaigning about craft cider.

If you would like us to link to your blog, please let us know.

Charingworth Farm has about 85 large apple trees across the farm, many of which are between 70 and 90 years old. I am restoring these orchards. I hope to return them to a sustainable management regime and by doing so enhance the natural environment of the area.

For six years, Rose Grant has recorded her experiences both as a cider maker and developing Dorset business within her 'Cidermakers Year'. This blog has recieved much recognition and we are pleased to be able to now make it available through her website -

Reviews of ciders across the UK, with a handy scoring system that uses the CAMRA scoring methods. Neat blog from a personal perspective covering many ciders available.

Since 1992, Stephen and Julia Hayes planted and manage 800 or so apples, plums and pears in southern Hampshire, mainly rare old 'heritage' varieties. Alongside their website at, this blog records thier orcharding experience and passion for apples.

Featuring the photography and story of Bill Bradshaw, who is also a prolific blogger, tweeter and... well, photographer. See also his professional website

Workshop member Tim Beer's Marshwood Vale cider blogs about his cider making as he starts up his business in Dorset. Priding himself on being as traditional as possible, this is straw pressed cider!

Once upon a Tree, based at the Dragon Orchard within staggering distance of Putley in Herefordshire is home to Simon Day, artisan cider maker and Workshop member. Producing cider and perry, this blog records their cider making (and you casn even buy their cider online too:-)

Martin Berkeleys Somerset based cider company, who produce cider using a keeving method to produce naturally sweet and sparkling cider. This is craft cider making in the heart of cider land.

Mark Shirley (aka Scrumpyboy) is a small scale grower and cider producer who sells his cider through local festivals. As CAMRA Cider co-ordinator for the East Midlands, Mark is passionate about promoting 'real' cider and perry to the unsuspecting.

Neil Philips, photographer, cider maker and Workshop member records his travels and photographic experiences in his blog 'An Autumn Response'. Each year, he gets together with others to form 'The Scrumping Project'.

AdamD, Workshop member and now Welsh cider maker records his cider making journey, with nice photographs and clips of cider making. It is also to prove that he hasn't been sitting on his hairy backside since moving to Wales...

Ray Blockley's blog - "The everyday exploits of a couple of people who have a desire to grow cider apples and make real, full-juice craft cider in Hucknall, Nottinghamshire." Ray is very active in promoting craft cider to the world and is also pretty good at making things too!

146 Cider is a small scale cider business based in Hampshire. Striving to produce a full juice crafted cider and following a 'Hampshire' style of cider. This blog follows the efforts of a hobbyist, turned small 'artisan' producer.


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