About the Cider Workshop Group

The Cider Workshop Group and ciderworkshop.com is an online community of craft cider/perry makers and enthusiasts who like to have a good chat about all aspects of cider and perry. We also like to share this with others. We range from hobbyists to commercial producers, and the community even includes its own scientist.  As well as being a cider and perry community, we also like to think it is a safe and equitable community.

If you are thinking that the Cider Workshop looks a little bit like UKCider, then you may be forgiven, as the founding members of this community came out of UKcider. Indeed, many aspects of the UKCider wiki were contributions by members of the Cider Workshop and we will happily refer people to the UKCider resource when appropriate. Please be assured, however, that both the Cider Workshop group, and ciderworkshop.com are not in competition or trying to undermine UKcider… we just believe the the Cider Workshop has quality members offering a broad experience of craft cider and perry, and the Cider Workshop will give them (and all members) the space and respect to get on.

If that sounds interesting, please enjoy the ciderworkshop.com and join the Cider Workshop Google Group where the debate and discussion take place. Do take time to read the principles and rules that underpin the community, as signing up to the Cider Workshop Google group signals your agreement to abide by them. Most of all, enjoy the group – if you get something out of it, make sure to save us a pint at some point!

About The Cider Workshop copyright

Due to the number of contributors involved in the Cider Workshop group and ciderworkshop.com, the Cider Workshop copyright denotes the copyright and intellectual property for all members of the group. Copyright and IP remains with each individual author as attributed on either the ciderworkshop.com site or the Cider Workshop Google group. Whilst we are happy for this work to be copied or referenced in other sites or documents, we ask that you denote the original author when doing so. We realise that there is 'nothing new under the sun', but we are proud of our thinking and ask others to respect that. Thanks

The Cider Workshop team