Other Cider Workshop Resources...

Have you joined up to the Cider Workshop Google group yet? If you have, join up to the other resources available for the group - follow the links below to access them.

This is the 'photo pool' for the Cider Workshop. Join up and link your cidery photos!

Members may post to these resources and use them as an online store.

The Cider Workshop Friendfeed and Twitter accounts are where all updates to this website, plus some timely bits of information about the Cider Workshop are recorded. However, the most recent updates can be found on the homepage.

It is also worth mentioning that both sites have been linked together, so you only need to follow one of them (if you are so inclined to). Members can subscribe to this service, which will notify them of any changes.

This list will develop as resources become available (and once we can figure out how they will benefit members).

As with the last two accounts, the Facebook page offers an extended experience to the Cider Workshopper. However, once again, this is mainly as a resource to support the rest of the Google group activity.