The Cider Workshop outlets map

Welcome to the Cider Workshops own directory of outlets. These are the pubs and places you can get hold of Cider Workshop members real cider and perry (the ones who sell real cider or crafted cider anyway).

Cider Workshop members who have volunteered their outlets lists, or even nominated their favourite pubs, appear on the map with further information available by simply clicking on the 'pin'. Because we use Google to host the map, you can get external information about the location and even plot your journey around them.

We will announce on the Cider Workshop Google group when new locations have been added - we hope that both members and non members find this list useful!

If, as a Cider Workshop member, you have visited any of the locations, do please let us know about it at the Cider Workshop Google group.

This outlet map is a work in progress - new outlets will be displayed on during the course of the next few weeks:



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