Whats Your Favourite?

So, what’s yours? Your favourite cider or perry, that is not an offer to get in a round! This was a question asked on the Cider Workshop group, which has generated some interesting responses.

This is the Cider Workshop collection of brands that take our fancy; rather than listing lots of varieties, which is freely available at many places on the internet, this is possibly a more effective (and challenging) way of keeping a track of the best that is out there to buy. It may also list those brands to avoid, although we always ask for first hand experience before writing any review (and please note – its only personal opinion!)

If you havent found your favourite on the list, do join the Cider Workshop Google group and let us know yours. There is only one rule to this game - you are not allowed to vote for your own!

The list is broken down for ease of reference (we will add to the categories if ciders and perries from other countries are nominated):



Burrow Hill Cider
New Forest Cider 'Snakecatcher'
Perry's Vintage Farmhouse