Richard Schoelers So2 Wizard

"After a careless SO2 miscalculation done in the heat of a pressing session last year caused me to discard a horribly overdosed batch of juice, I constructed a tool to calculate the SO2 dose for me.  For those using SO2, the tool is based on the Long Ashton recommendations as put forth in Andrew's book.  Based on the number of postings last season related to SO2 dosage issues, I thought others might benefit from it.  

The simple tool calculates the proper SO2 dose based on the following user-supplied variables:

1.  Preferred Unit of Measurement - UK (liters or UK gallons) or US (US gallons).
2.  Volume of juice in question.
3.  Source of SO2 - Campden Tablet (of various strengths) or SO2 solution.
4.  pH of juice.
4.  Fermentation type - Wild yeast (50% dose) or cultured yeast (100% dose). 

Users should consider this tool in "beta" until a few sets of your sharp eyes have tested it in the real world."




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