The Vares Fruit Shark

The Vares Fruitshark

We are fortunate on the Cider Workshop, to have one of the admin team responsible for the UK import of the Vares Fruit Shark – possibly the cheapest manufactured electric fruit mill (shown on right).

Whilst there is no website or ‘shop’ to purchase these from currently, sending an email to will get you information and a price which includes delivery.

A number of members already use this piece of kit to great effect, including several small scale commercial producers. If you are ready to take the step away from hand scratting, or don’t have the knowledge/impetus to build your own, check out the Fruit Shark.


Technical bit

The Fruit Shark Crusher or Mill is an all-stainless fruit crusher that makes it possible to easily and quickly process fruit (primarily apples or pears) prior to pressing.

The crusher "grates" the fruit to small slices from which cider or perry is obtained by pressing and fermenting.  This crusher or “scratter” is intended for gardeners, fruit growers or companies producing cider, juice or other fruit products.

Fruit Shark pulp


Length 680 mm
Height 735 mm
Width 545 mm
Nominal power supply voltage 230 (240) volts
Nominal voltage frequency 50 Hz
Installed output 1.6 Kw
Electromotor speed 2800 rpm
Machine weight 27 kg
Crushing capacity 600 kg apples (approx) per hour
Manufacturers guarantee 12 months