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Let’s face it, the press and mill probably take up most of your budget for cider making equipment. However, there are still plenty of things required for getting the drink to your glass. This merely deals with the equipment for the process of making – orcharding and collecting the apples is another matter.

To start off with, this is mainly a list of equipment, together with suggestions of suppliers. It is assumed that the reader understands what these things are, although they are connected with the explanation of craft cidermaking within both this and the Wittenham Hill websites.

Testing the juice

  • Hydrometer

To test the sugar in juice and thereby the potential alcohol, and to keep a track of fermentation.

  • pH testing

To check the pH of the juice. pH is related to acidity in that a high acid juice always has  a low pH and vice-versa.

Yeast and additives

  • Yeast

There are many types of yeast, including specific cider strains.

  • Yeast

There are many types of yeast, including allegedly specific cider strains.

  • Sterilising fluid

To make sure everything is clean.

  • Pectic enzyme

(Optional)To destroy pectin in fermenting cider. This prevents some forms of haze or cloudiness later

  • Yeast nutrient

(Optional) To ensure a vigorous fermentation.

  • Finings

(Very optional) May help clear a cider.

  • Sugar

(Optional) To increase the potential alcohol in a cider.

Other odds

  • Airlocks

Airlocks and bungs are essential to keep out air and bugs. Larger scale producers may use a pressure valve instead.


Equipment - Sundries

There are many places that you can buy these supplies from. Below are just a few of the more popular online stores:



If you can recommend any others, please let us know.

Recently, there has been a move for online stores to encourage folk to support their local supplier (e.g. only posting to areas without a specialist store). We support this move and would encourage all cidernauts to see if they have a local supplier. Experience suggests that they are always happy to get equipment in for you.