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i. Planning

It is wise to speak to your local Planning department to see if there are potentially any barriers or applications required. Generally, as long as you class your business as a hobby and not a proper business, they will not require anything - but it is worth making the call to them before they make a call to you!

ii. Insurances

This is a door which we can only open so far, as individual circumstaces will dictate what level of insurance you require. However, some kind of liability insurance for your cider business is definitely and ‘ought to have’, as with any business.

If you plan on selling cider at markets, Roy Bailey recommended joining the National Market Traders Federation will give you liability and product insurance - it is well worth checking this out as the cost of insurance from another provider (e.g. NFU) may be prohibitive.

A more general business insurance was suggested by CiderNik, which may be obtained by following the link below. Please note, if you plan to sell to shops you may need an extension of the insurance 'Craftsure Starter'

Finally, Martin Inwood suggested the NFU Homeworker package - which is an extension of Home/Contents insurance provided by NFU. You may need to specifically ask for it though, as it is not always promoted.






Equipment - Sundries

Quick Links:

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Environmental Health


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