The law requires that you put certain things on your labels. This law is often confusing and is liable to change. With this in mind, Nick Bradstock of the NACM has kindly allowed us to publish information he posted to the group.

If you want to investigate this further, or want the most current information, follow the link to the Food Standards Agency (UK).

However, at the Cider Workshop, we want to encourage all our members to start placing the ingredients and juice content on their labels too. We may not be campaigning for this, but we do feel that small scale producers can lead by example and, in any case, distinguish themselves from the larger industrial ‘gloop’ manufacturers.












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HMRC Notice 162

National Market Traders Federation

Food Standards Agency

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We are always after help and guidance in order to make the commercial side of cider making easier for those who want to start out.

If you have any experiences you wish to share with us, join the group and contact the administrator (or just post your experiences!)