Bath and West Show 2009 - Competition Results

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Full results - Errors and omission excepted from my hand written notes.

Well done to Rose a well deserved win though look at the result closely!

Class 1 Open sweet cider
1st  Thatchers
2nd  Thatchers
3rd  Thatchers

Class 2 - Open Medium Cider
1st           Thatchers
2nd          Thatchers
3rd           Sheppys

Class 3 - Open dry cider
1st           Andrew Lea
2nd          West Milton Cider Club
3rd           Steve Hughes

Class 4 - Organic Cider
1st           Butford Organics Best organic trophy
2nd          Sheppys
3rd           Mr G Travis

Class 5 - Cider as presented to the retail trade
1st           Tom Oliver  Best retail judged from calsses 5 and 7
2nd          Burrow Hill
3rd           Thatchers

Class 6 two or more year old bottle fermented in champagne glass bottles
1st           Tom Oliver
2nd          Burrow Hill
3rd           Mr J Mitchell

Class 7 Single variety as presented to the retail trade
1st           Thatchers
2nd          Sheppys
3rd           Thatchers
Highly commended - Sheppys
Commended - Tom Oliver

Class 8 - Single variety apple juice
1st           N Stewart
2nd          Mr P Dart
3rd           Hecks
Highly commended - Broomfield Orchard

Class 9 - Blended apple juice
1st           Perrys
2nd          National Trust
3rd           Lord King
Highly commended - G Travis
Commended - Broomfield Orchard

Class 10 - Perry open
1st           Butford Organics Best perry trophy
2nd          Gwatkin
3rd           Tom Oliver

Class 11 - Farmhouse  dry - 2008 apple crop only
1st           A Heck
2nd          Rose Grant
3rd           Green valley cider

Class 12 - Farmhouse  medium - 2008 apple crop only
1st           Rose Grant  Reserve Farmhouse champion as judged on Wednesday - Supreme champion cider (best in show) as judged by different judges Thursday!
2nd          Mr R Crabb
3rd           Perrys

Class 13 - Farmhouse  sweet - 2008 apple crop only
1st           Rose Grant  Champion farmhouse cider as judged wednesday
2nd          Perrys
3rd           Bollhayes

Class 14 - International
1st           R Matlock - Jersey
2nd          Michel Ameleine - France